Friday, 2 March 2012

my favourite things: lip gloss and lipstick

Hello again!

This is the second part of my favourite things posts, and this one is about my favourite lip gloss and lipstick :)

Lip gloss:

Now, for me choosing my favourite lip gloss was so easy as I'm absolutely in love with everything about this product! Not only does it smell amazing*, but the subtle colour is lovely for the day time and at only £4.49 this lip gloss is absolutely brilliant.

It's the Barry M Lip Gloss wand in shade 11. The colour is a beautiful pinky coral colour which has just the right amount of shine and it's also a great consistency - not one of those horrible tacky glosses that are a pain to wear because you get everything stuck to your lips grrr!

I think I'm now on about my third tube of this and I've also got my mum and sister in to it as well! If you're after a great subtle gloss for the day and you're on a budget then you definitely can't go wrong with Barry M!

*This may smell lovely and fruity but I wouldn't recommend having a little lick, you'll only be disappointed... I'm speaking from experience :( !


When I was trying to decide for this post what my favourite lipstick of all time was, I found it quite difficult. There wasn't one that jumped out at me as one that I have loved forever so I've decided just to tell you what lipstick I've especially enjoyed wearing recently.

This is probably a bit of an unexpected choice: it's the Jack Wills Gloss Lipstick in Rosewood.

I picked this up about a month ago as a bit of an impulse buy and didn't really expect much from it as Jack Wills have a very small selection of make up and specialise more in clothes. However, I was pleasantly surprised as this lipstick has a really creamy texture and the gorgeous colour lasts absolutely ages on the lips without drying them out. I chose Rosewood as it's a great darker nude shade for the day but with deep reddy brown tones too. Unfortunately, I know that this colour hasn't been continued in to their new Easter collection but they have some beautiful other colours, such as Hot Pink. The lipsticks are £9.50, making them a little more expensive than most other high street make up brands but at only £1.50 more than Topshop lipsticks, I don't think the price is really that horrendous.

Although the lipsticks are great quality, I've tried the Jack Wills lip glosses and they are the worst consistency that I've ever experienced! The only comparison I can imagine is putting Pritt Stick on your lips... yuck.

Thanks so much for reading this :) I'll tell you some more of my favourites soon!



  1. I need to try the Barry M lipgloss. Sounds great and I like the colour x

  2. my favourite gloss is a pinky barry m, such good value for such a great product! xxx


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