Wednesday, 21 March 2012

elf mineral moisturising lip tint


Just a quick post about a product that I'm really enjoying at the moment!

If you're looking for something nice and moisturising for your lips, but equally a nice pigmented wash of colour then you should definitely try one of the ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tints. They're so butter-soft in texture and feel lovely on your lips, not drying or tight in any way. The Lip Tint also contains SPF 8 so while moisturising your lips, it's also protecting them from any further damage. However, the high point for me is the colour. The shade I have is 'Berry' and it's a gorgeous dark raspberry like shade (I have it on in my profile picture)! I have quite a few tinted lip balms and this is definitely the most opaque of them all! The only slight negative is that the colour doesn't stay on your lips for that long (this may partly be down to the scrummy sugary taste which leads to my constant lip-licking...).

The ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint is available from the ELF website as part of their Mineral range for £3.50. They quite often do free postage and packaging offers too so if you're not already signed up for their emails then I recommend doing that! ELF can be quite hit and miss with their products but this is one which I really do recommend and I think I'll probably pick up another one in either 'Blush' or 'Cherry' when I next place an order! :)

I'd love to hear any of your ELF recommendations!



  1. Never tried ELF...But might give it a try..Sound good! ;p

  2. Me to. Never tried it! i like the color though! ;)

    by the way, wanna follow each other?

  3. wow. this is a lovely shade, i'm loving quite pigmented pinks on lips at the moment. will definitely have to check them out!
    the one problem i always have though is lipstick bleeding, because it's a lip tint do you find it doesn't really bleed or is much of a muchness?
    also, does it highlight dry lips? i'm a chronic lip biter unfortunately.
    sorry for all the q's but i'm always on the lookout for the perfect lip product!

    aaaaaand here is a shameless plug of my blog, soz:

    1. My lips can be quite dry however much lip balm etc I use and because it's so moisturising and soft it doesn't show any dry bits at all which is fab! I also haven't had any problems with it bleeding at all, like I said it just fades quite quickly so you have to reapply it quite often but this doesn't bother me particularly :) hope this helps x

  4. This looks great, I love lip tints and this is a nice colour x

  5. I recently bought their Translucent Matifying Powder and their concealer illuminator combination. I really like both products. Also I have a few of their brushes and their mineral eye shadows and I love those. I would stick to their studio products for the most part thought. I tried a not studio lipstick a while back and it was not good.

  6. I'll definitely give this a try! I love the 1$ lipsticks by ELF. They're rather moisturizing and have great staying power. My favorite one is in the color 'Classy'. xx

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I have 'Voodoo' and I'm actually surprised at how good it is. Like you say, it's not drying as I thought it would be :)x


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