Monday, 19 March 2012

top 5 nail polish picks for spring

Hello :) !

As you might have guessed from the fact that I've done a few 'Nail of the Day' posts, I really love nail varnish! I'm not always that adventurous with my make up and I think that fun nails are a great way to add a bit more colour and interest to an outfit.

I don't tend to buy particularly expensive nail varnish, I just pick them up from Boots or Superdrug usually on a whim as they're a nice and cheap way to treat yourself! I have quite a few nail varnishes and I thought today I'd show you just five of my favourites to crack out for this time of year!


This is a relatively recent addition to my little family of nail polishes. It was released as part of the MUA collaboration with Love Hearts, which I thought was a really cute and girly range!

'UR FAB' is the darkest nail polish in the Love Hearts collection. It's a gorgeous raspberry like shade which reminds me of smoothies! Although I love the colour, the formulation isn't the most hard-wearing I've ever used but if you're like me and like to change your nail varnish every few days then this shouldn't really be a problem. Also for the price of £2.00, you can't really complain!

Barry M - Coral

Last summer this was my go-to summer shade. The colour is exactly what it claims to be - the perfect coral! I personally love Barry M for their incredible range of colours and affordability. If you think of a nail varnish colour that you're after, chances are Barry M will have it!

This is one of those colours that I not only love to wear on its own, but also with other clashing coloured nail polishes, such as a bright pink or a minty green. That's the beauty of nail varnish - you can go a bit crazy and get away with it, but if I wore coral and mint green eye shadows together, I'm guessing I'd get a few funny looks... I'm not one for nail art particularly (I don't have the patience, although I love to see other people's) but I really like the look of different colours on alternating fingers or a clashing colour just on the ring finger as an accent nail.

As with all Barry M nail varnishes, 'Coral' was £2.99.

Rimmel Lasting Finish - Disco Ball

I actually first saw this on my cousin Greta and asked what she had on her nails... then I proceeded to copy her! This choice is a little different to the others as I suppose you could also wear these nails in the winter. However, I find myself more drawn towards fun nail polishes such as Disco Ball in the Spring and Summer, whereas I tend to stick to darker polishes in the winter (although perhaps with some sort of glittered top coat).

I've actually got Disco Ball on my nails at the moment!

My hand looks very red...
Rimmel's Disco Ball isn't actually an opaque glitter polish but it can be built up to get a good amount of glitter on the nail. My favourite thing about this polish though which sets it out from other glitters that I have is the lovely mix of baby pink, silver and dark blue pieces of glitter and the differences in size of these bits. Rimmel Lasting Finish Polishes are nice and cheap (like all of my choices) at only £2.99. I also really want to get my hands on the colour 'Misty Jade' from the range too!

Models Own - Feeling Blue

My lovely fabulous wonderful boyfriend Ollie actually got me this as a little extra for Christmas and I was really impressed with his choice. 'Feeling Blue' is what I would call a proper blue... If you were to think of blue, you'd probably imagine this colour - well I do anyway! Almost primary colour-esque blue... Anyway! Not only is this a gorgeous eye catching colour but I absolutely love the formulation of Models Own polishes. They're so thick and creamy and they're one of the few brands that I truly think you can get away with just applying one coat of (although I tend just to apply two out of habit)! I also love wearing Models Own 'Feeling Blue' with something like a silver on my ring finger.

Models Own nail varnishes are £5.00.

Barry M - Shocking Pink

Last but by no means least in my pick of five spring time nail varnishes is Barry M's 'Shocking Pink'. As with the 'Coral' Barry M polish I've got so much wear out of 'Shocking Pink' and to be honest, I also love the two shades together. It's just the perfect bright pink and really brightens up any look. I actually wear this all year round as I think it looks great with darker colours or black in the winter. Eeek, such a fun and girly colour! I can't fault it!

As I mentioned before, Barry M nail paints are £2.99.

Thanks so much for having a little look at my blog and I'd also really love to know what you're enjoying wearing on your nails now the weather is getting (the tiniest bit) warmer?! Any excuse to buy some more...



  1. the barry m in coral is loveeely! perfect choices for spring :) lovely blog -am now following! xx

    1. Thanks - I just had a little peek and yours and I'm now following too, it's fab! :)x

  2. love the MUA polish, so nice!xxx

  3. Love the colour of the MUA one!

  4. I have the mua 'u rok' and I love the colour, bt have to agree with you on the consistency. I want this one too! I also need to try a models own nail varnish...heard only good things about it.

    you've got a cool blog :)

    1. the models own polishes are so thick and smell totally different to other nail varnishes... like actual wall paint! try one! :)x

  5. I Love Barry M nail paints. They are great value for money x

  6. Love the look of the rimmel disco ball polish x

  7. I love this post :) I needed some inspiration for my nail polish collection, and that Barry M coral nail polish looks gorgeous x

    1. Aw thanks! Get it - I always get so many compliments on it :)x

    2. your blogs lovely, I'm so desperate to try the misty jade rimmel glitter too but i can't find it anywhere! - now following!xx

  8. wow those picks are fab! i was hoping for a few yellows though as im looking for a cool yellow for the season. :D

  9. Really great post and lovely colours you have chosen =]


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