Tuesday, 13 March 2012

mess, blushers and mac and cheese...


Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days, it's a bit difficult sometimes juggling essays, university, work, living my general life and then scraping some time to write a post for here! Just to make life a little bit harder, I came back from a seminar this afternoon and found that my chest of draws had for some reason fallen over so my toiletries, jewellery and clothes were all over the floor :(

Anyway, to the point of this post - blusher! Ah blusher, how I love you. You can distract me from the above mess and cheer me up...

I popped back home to Norwich over the weekend, and on Saturday I did a bit of shopping with my mum and my sister which was lovely. While we were out and about I treated myself to a blusher from MAC (amongst other things)!

I chose MAC's Sheertone Blush in 'Breath of Plum', which is such a gorgeous not-too-dark muted plum colour which is totally matte (wow, great description). I picked this one as the colour's not too similar to my other blushers, whereas I have quite a few brighter and pinkier toned ones. I've already worn it a couple of times and not only do I love the colour, but it lasts brilliantly on the skin.

MAC 'Breath of Plum'
Left: applied with a blush brush, Right: swatched
However, I was thinking this morning that although I love the colour, it was perhaps the wrong time of year to buy it as it's quite a wintery shade. So this morning I put on Topshop's cream blush in 'High Five', which is the perfect blush for spring!

Topshop 'High Five'

Left: applied with a dual fibre brush (although heavily), Right swatched
It looks so natural and glowy and when you use a dual fibre brush to apply it, it blends evenly and nice and quickly :) I just love cream blushes on the skin this time of year as they give you such a beautiful healthy look. I just had a little check on the Topshop website though and it doesn't look as if this colour is available any more. However, Topshop have some other gorgeous colours to choose from such as 'Head Over Heels' which I mentioned in my 'Spring Make Up Picks' post :) The price is brilliant as well, I think £6 is such great value considering the quality (and the cute packaging)!

PS. On another little side note, I had a very yummy tea today so here's a little sneak peak -

Hopefully this doesn't gross you out, my house mate Dan hates people taking pictures of their food!
Macaroni cheese with chorizo and salad nom nom! Only just realised how big the portion was... oh well, it was delicious!

I know this was a bit of a disjointed post but hopefully you haven't minded! I'd also love to know what your favourite blushers are for spring (or maybe what you had for tea haha) :)



  1. food looks yummy, I really want a MAC blush next time I have moneys spare :D.

    1. Ah it was lovely! This was such an odd post, I'd taken some really random pictures today haha! Yes, MAC blushers are a bit expensive but they're nice and big so they'll last a while at least (I'll find any way of persuading myself!) x


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