Wednesday, 7 March 2012

i love you umberto giannini hair mask!

Before I tell you about this product, I'm first going to tell you a little story...

A few hair cuts ago, I was chatting to the hairdresser when she told me "Ooh your hair is quite dry". Now, I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it in a nasty way and was just making an innocent comment, but for some reason I took this as a massive insult and couldn't get her comment out of my head (sad, I know...)! So after leaving the hairdressers, the war began against my dry hair, and my mission became to make it silky soft.

In this dry hair saga, I've tried quite a few products, and obviously some have been better than others. However one that has really stood out to me is the Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask. I picked this up in Boots quite a few months ago now on a whim and didn't really expect much but it truly does make your hair ridiculously soft and shiny, and the ends of your hair look nourished and healthy. One of its ingredients is shea butter, so it's super moisturising hurrah! It also smells amazing and has lovely packaging - a winner all round basically!

I love the design on the lid, very art nouveau!
I probably use this about once every three washes and I make sure it's at a time when I'm not in a rush so that I can feel it's full benefits. I first shampoo and rinse my hair then apply this all over my hair, but especially concentrate on the ends. I next put my hair in to a very loose bun and leave for as long as possible while I wash, exfoliate, cleanse, shave etc. It instructs on the pot that a 'professional secret' is the longer you leave it on  the better, and with experience I do agree with this. After maybe 10-15 minutes, I rinse it out and voila! Soft and shiny hair!

When I last went to the hairdresser (a different one), I asked her if my hair was dry. She told me that it wasn't and that it is in fact in great condition! If you are suffering from dry hair then I really do urge you to try this as it's worked wonders for me and although I will continue to try other products, I can't see anything overtaking this in the near future.

As I said, I picked it up from Boots. It's on the website for £5.61 but there's also a 2 selected Umberto Giannini products for £7.50 offer at the moment so it's the perfect time to pick it up. Plus, if you get it in store, you'll also receive one of the £5 off No7 vouchers - it all just gets better! 


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  1. I'm looking for an intensive type mask because my hair is so dry and horrible from all the bleaching and dying! I think i may try this, thanks for the review :) x


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