Tuesday, 28 February 2012

nail of the day

On Saturday I added this little beauty to my already large collection of nail varnish. It's such a lovely nude shade, not too grey or beige and with a hint of  mauve-y pink. Very classic and sophisticated as the name 'Darling' would suggest!

Not quite sure why my knuckles look like I've suffered a tanning disaster...

The brand - 'L.A. Girl' - is not one that I've heard of before but at £1.99 I couldn't see a reason not to try it! The brush was a decent size, making the nail easy to paint, and the polish was a nice smooth consistency. I used Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri over the top as I always do, to speed up the drying time (impatience...) and prevent my nails from chipping :)

I picked up this nail polish from Beauty Base in the Westfield at Stratford and if you haven't been I definitely recommend having a look as it's absolutely fab for cheapy nail varnishes and discounted perfume. I've also been to one in Westfield White City but by the looks of the website there's only a few more branches, all of which are in the London area, although you can order online.



  1. ooh this is such a pretty colour! I have heard good things about the Sally Hansen polish, I may have to try it. I'm so impatient at waiting for my nails to dry xxx

    1. I was sceptical as to whether it would actually work but it does! Before I'd always get bored of waiting then smudge them :)x

  2. I like this colour - I have been looking for a brown/nude colour


  3. the colour is so nice :) I'm really into nudes at the moment!
    and that's such a nice advice with the shop in westfield center. I love it there and I hopefully can get there again in the end of march.
    very nice post, dear :))



  4. I do like this colour :)

    lovely blog enjoyed reading your reviews.
    would love it if you could check out mine :)



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