Saturday, 28 April 2012

five treats for under £25

When I put these wish lists together, it's very easy for me just to pick lots of very expensive items so I thought I'd show you some cheaper things that I'm currently lusting over (um... although I may have bought a couple already!) So if you're out shopping today or tomorrow, here are a few ideas of what you could treat yourself to without breaking the bank!

  • Well I should probably admit that that I've already bought these earrings from Forever 21. I really like the idea of the heavily spiked necklaces that lots of people seem to be wearing at the moment but I'm not sure if they're a bit much for me and I could actually pull them off. Instead I thought that these would be a subtler way of wearing the trend and for £2.40 I couldn't really say no!
  • I bought my current purse in a charity shop probably about four years ago now and I still absolutely love it. However, the part where you put your change has ripped at the bottom so I'm forever chasing pennies round the lining. However, I don't want to part with my beloved purse so I thought I'd perhaps just buy a coin purse. I love how simple this one is from Cos, it's so plain and unfussy.
  • Again I've actually already bought Skagboys... I absolutely love Irvine Welsh so I've been excited about the Skagboys, the prequel to Trainspotting, coming out for months now. If only I didn't have revision so I could just sit down and read it all day!
  • This colour of this Chanel eye shadow is so beautiful, the greyish purple shimmer is so interesting. I probably shouldn't get this too soon though as I treated myself to a purchase from Chanel this week - the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Make Up Base... oops!
  • If you're in Britain you'll know how disgusting the weather is at the moment so that means endless cups of tea to try and cheer myself up. Also, with revision added to that, the kettle is never off! I love having nice mugs and this mug by James Sandler is so cute!
Tell me what your current wish lists are... I'm very easily tempted haha



  1. aww wow lovely little things and such bargains! :) haha - i think my blog has turned into a giant wish list! x

    1. Ah I know! Want want want it's so bad haha x

  2. Replies
    1. Mm thanks - me too! And the price! x

  3. I adore the mug! xo

    1. It's so cute isn't it! I love having nice fun mugs, most of mine are all covered in dogs haha x

  4. cute coin purse


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